Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chalk Festival

Last Friday I talked Ross and Brayden into going up to SLC to Gateway to see the Chalk Festival. It is a fundraiser of sorts for the Foster Care Foundation. People sign up for a piece of sidewalk and complete a picture of their choosing. They then judge the pictures the next day. It was amazing! I had no idea that people could put such detail into a chalk picture on the sidewalk! They also had a kid's corner where they give them some chalk and a little square of carpet to kneel on and let them draw. Brayden thought that was pretty cool, and he did a fabulous job! At the end of the drawings is the big fountain, he got soaked!!! All in all, it was fun, but next year it will definitely be a girls' outing for me and Courtney. Ross is just not big into anything that doesn't involve cars, dirt, or farting.


Melissa Moss said...

How fun! I will be in Utah this summer... wanna get together, July 20- Sept 5!?! Lets do it!

Bec said...

Oh how cool! Next year, call me. I'll see if I can get my girlie to come with us too! Looks like it was fun.